Thursday, April 21, 2011

Airbrushing Gum Paste Flowers

Wedding season is about to begin!  I have my first two wedding cakes of the spring/summer months next weekend.  I almost wish it was this weekend because I'm raring to go.  Instead, I started prepping the gum paste flowers for the cake that belongs to the lovely bride Dana.

Dana chose a simple, white on white cake design with a tri-dot pattern, but the gum paste flowers we are adding to it will be the focus.  Her flowers for the wedding are bright, "tropical" colors, but she really liked the look of gum paste flowers for the cake.  For the less cake savvy, gum paste is a stiffer form of fondant that holds delicate formed and imprinted shapes very well and hardens when dry.  Most of the realistic looking sugar flowers that you see on cakes are made from gum paste.  Each petal is individually cut, shaped, wired, and often painted or air brushed before creating the actual flower.  

I don't have a lot of experience making these types of flowers, although it is on my bucket list to perfect them.  The less time consuming and relatively affordable option is to buy them pre-made.  I purchased tiger and calla lilies for Dana's cake from Pfiel & Holding (  I ordered them both in white, since they are sold in bulk, so that I could use the leftovers for other projects and color them accordingly.  I custom mixed the colors for these and airbrushed them.  The speckles on the tiger lilies were done using the butt-end of a paintbrush.


After!  That's my chub hand.

I bought the calla lily sprays because I wanted to use the filler and leaves.  I deconstructed them so that, when placed on the cake, I could create a more natural, flowing arrangement.  It also makes them easier to airbrush, although my hands still looked jaundice when I was done.

Before.  Scab hand.


All together now!

For an airbrush rookie, I think I did pretty well.  Dana also requested some magenta roses, which I will be enlisting Nick to make.  He's pretty much the rose expert.

Pie and posies,


voguevet said...

Those look SO realistic! (and yummy)

Kate Wille said...

Simply gorgeous Rach!